JHUND- Montessori ideas in an unexpected arena

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Watching a Hindi film with all the students might not be the first thing that comes to our mind in terms preparation of the adult during the Montessori course. Yet, for the training team at Supraja and the students of the 3-6 course, Jhund, ticked all the boxes for it. 

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Maria Montessori: A Biographical Note

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Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian scientist (1870-1952) whose name has now come to be inextricably linked to preschool education. Her experiments and observation of young children at the beginning of the twentieth century has radically changed the way we look at the child today.

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Montessori Stamp

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We hardly write or receive letters any more. Life has moved on and we now have new and instant ways of communicating with one another. A little trip down memory lane takes us to a time when to hear from a loved one you waited for a postman who brought a letter with the familiar handwriting and a colourful postage stamp.

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Connecting the Child to Urban Nature

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Observing a tiny seed sprouting and growing into a plant that provides food is an amazing experience at any age, more so in an urban setup where it doesn’t seem to be part of our daily living. Watching a cormorant drying its wings by the lake side, a squirrel running up and down the tree nibbling on a nut, the smell of the earth when fresh rain falls on dry land, the breathtaking formations of birds in flight

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