As adults playing a crucial part in the lives of children, reading Montessori’s work is essential to continue in our conscious path of supporting children.

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The session gave me a new direction to approach reading Dr. Montessori’s work.

I felt it was so enriching to go into the details that we did. We came together as a community to look at Dr. Montessori’s words, and tried to view it from the perspective of the time when it was written and analysed the importance of every word in the writing. We were once again blown away by the sheer brilliance of her writing.

“Whenever I feel like I’m wandering away from ‘Montessori’, such sessions bring me back.” shared Safiya, a Supraja 3-6 alumna. Nagalakshmi, another Supraja 3-6 alumna said, “I am in a Montessori environment after a break of nearly two-and-a-half years. I am just initiating the ground rules. The session has calmed me and helped me understand what I should not do.”

By Aarthi Karthik, Alumna 3-6 Diploma Course

Do keep an eye on the upcoming events on the Supraja website if you would like to attend the next online session of Montessori readings.