At Supraja we have always thought of our graduates as an extended family. This has been true since our very first batch of trainees graduated in 2005. We have found ways to stay in touch and support their efforts in everything they do to promote Montessori education.

The Supraja community has worked together over the years and have created open networks of informal communication. The alumni have returned from time to time, for workshops, refresher courses and alumni evenings, to listen to the lectures, to examine the materials more closely as they set up their classes and for reading student albums. They have also come together to have open discussions on theory and practice, promoted career opportunities through word of mouth and have supported each other to overcome any challenges they have faced in work with children.

Today, over 15 years later, Supraja graduates can be found throughout India and in many parts of the world.

As our numbers have grown it has become important to have a more formal way of communicating with each other. Supraja continues to offer ongoing professional development opportunities, refresher courses, mentorship and volunteer opportunities to our alumni and help you stay in communication with the greater Supraja community of graduates.

We want to make sure that each one of you is included in these activities. Please register below so we can stay in touch with you.

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