Employing Supraja Graduates

Why should a school employ a Supraja/Navadisha Graduate?

Why should schools employ our graduates? What will schools gain by employing our graduates?

Schools who employ our graduates will gain a teacher who is:

  • part of a local and global network of Montessori practitioners which will give access to events for professional development and growth; and continuous support from trainers and experts in their field
  • trained by a team of trainers with more than 30 years experience each in the field of early childhood education
  • a professionally trained adult
  • trained to set up and maintain an environment to support a child’s development
  • trained rigorously and holistically
  • trained to observe children in order to apply their knowledge effectively
  • prepared for working with a community
  • prepared for meeting with parents and orienting them with the Montessori approach to learning