Montessori Education

The Montessori approach to education is defined as aid to life. It focuses on the holistic development of children. It prepares them to live as contributing members of the society to which they belong, laying the foundation for a peaceful humanity. Children who have been through a Montessori programme have notable skills in logical problem solving, mathematics and language. Many children have also shown high standards of social cooperation, independence in thought and action.

Consultation Services

Supraja Montessori Study Centre offers consultation services to schools that are looking to implement a full-fledged and holistic Montessori programme to benefit the children and families in the school community. We offer complete support to train the existing teaching at the various age levels at our institute and guide and set up the school management teams to direct the programme. We help schools to formulate a sustainable plan for full implementation of Montessori principles and practice within a three to five year framework. We work with:

  1. Schools that wish to implement a Montessori programme
  2. Montessori Schools that wish to evaluate and improve their Montessori practices
  3. Those who are starting new Montessori schools

AMI Montessori Training

The professional training of teachers is essential to following Montessori environments.  Training can go hand in hand with direct application of the method in the classroom.  We can offer  in-house AMI training and work to develop the schedule in collaboration with the school. We hand hold the trainees as they implement what they have learnt on the course into practice in the classroom.

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