Supraja Montessori Study Centre

Supraja Montessori Study Centre (formerly Navadisha Montessori Foundation) continues to offer Montessori teacher training of a high standard, helping graduates integrate theory and practice.  Affiliated to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), we offer a range of AMI Montessori Courses for different age levels. We establish strong bonds with our alumni, connecting with them through refresher courses and workshops. We work with teachers and schools to ensure teamwork, awareness and overall growth in the community. Apart from running AMI Diploma and Certificate courses, we organise a variety of events to support parents and child care professionals deepen their understanding of Montessori philosophy and practice. Our mission is to bring greater awareness of the needs of children and support child development through education.

SUPRAJA means good child or good citizen. In the Ramayana, the word  is used in the context of a loving adult awakening a sleeping child. Montessori sees humanity as one nation, and the adult’s task as  recognising the inner potential of the child and supporting him in his journey to make himself a global citizen who makes a responsible contribution to society.

History of Supraja Montessori Study Centre

Leela lighting the lamp


First course inaugurated

Navadisha Montessori Foundation was started in 2004 to bring AMI training to Chennai. Rukmini Ramachandran returned to Chennai after training in London and Toronto. Latha Srikumar came on board to help with course administration. The first AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma course at Navadisha had 11 students. Ramya Sridhar and Prasanna Srinivasan were among those who graduated.


First AMI Montessori 3-6 diploma holders of Navadisha graduated

Many of the AMI alumni, mainly from the 1994-1995 course held in Chennai under the lead of Zarin Malva rallied around to support the newly opened training centre, reading albums and receiving students for observation and teaching practice in the classes The 3-6 courses began to be established in the next few years and the institute welcomed students from different parts of the world. Ruby Lau began to work closely with Navadisha as a consultant. Zarin Malva supported and mentored the new training centre. Navadisha was honoured to have Hilla Patell as an examiner. Their collective guidance and experience helped establish the new direction.


First AMI Montessori 6-12 Diploma course in India

In 2007, the first AMI Montessori 6-12 Diploma course in India was inaugurated. Jean Miller, an AMI 6-12 trainer from the US pioneered this effort. She was ably assisted by Carla Foster from Norway. The course had enrolled 18 students. Hemalatha Rangarajan, a graduate of the 1995 Chennai course came on board as a trainer in training.


First AMI Montessori 6-12 Diploma course graduates trained in India received diplomas

Their graduation on the eve of the 26th International Montessori Congress held in Chennai was a landmark moment. Soon after several 6-12 Montessori environments were set up in Chennai and Hyderabad. We ran the first AMI Montessori Assistants Certificate Course at Navadisha with 70 students.


The next few years

In 2012 Ann Dunne, a AMI 6-12 trainer and consultant committed herself to support and develop the newly-established 6-12 course and to build the community of schools and teachers strongly around it. Hemalatha Rangarajan became an AMI 3-6 trainer in 2013. At different points of time 12 trainers-in-training (3-6) and 7 trainers-in-training (6-12) from different parts of India and abroad participated in the Training courses at various points and were mentored at Navadisha on their journey to become trainers. In 2019 Ramya Sridhar became an AMI 3-6 Trainer.


First Online Course Experience

The pandemic year was full of challenges and opportunities. With the support of AMI we met trainers worldwide and built on common experiences. We found new ways to engage with students and the wider community.


It is the 20th anniversary of the training centre. We commenced our 20th 3-6 course in Chennai and our 9th 6-12 course. We have at this point completed twenty-five 3-6 training courses and eight 6-12 courses.


20 years of Montessori training and counting…We begin our work in new premises and will begin to reach out to aspiring teachers at all age levels.