NMF 10, 3-6 Course,

I went to my course with the idea of learning a different methodology of teaching. During the training, I discovered that the first task if we want to change the way we interact with the children is to change ourselves. I learned Montessori but I also learned about myself and this is a beautiful gift.

The idea that with freedom, a prepared environment and faith, we can support and help the children in their own path to become a full adult was most inspiring.

Abirami Parthiban

NMF 14, 3-6 Course,

It was a complete life changing experience. I was able to self reflect on myself, developed qualities that made me a better human being to myself and the environment. Also I found out the purpose of my life ‘Guiding children through the Montessori approach’.  The course helped me to live my life as an independent adult, content, responsible and focused and with clarity.

Chithradevy Munisamy

NMF 10, 3-6 Course, 2013
NMF E06, 6-12 Course, 2017

My training period was the happiest period of my life. I was carrying my son when I did my 3-6 and I always feel that the best prepared environment I could have given him is that. I associate many of his behavior to the deep joy I felt during the course.

I always think that this course should be attended by every single parent to help and guide their children during their precious childhood.

Sukanya Gnananandhan

NMF 10, 3-6 Course, 2013

The immense potential in a child for self construction by the age of 6 and the 4 planes of development – the varying needs and the varying powers of each plane, all of which lead to a matured adult were the most inspiring ideas that I took away from the course.

It helped me realise that learning is a process and that anybody can learn anything at any point of time provided the mind is cleared of prejudices and blocks.

Vani Ramesh

NMF 11, 3-6 Course, 2014-2015

I got many inspiring thoughts from the course – mixed age group, freedom to choose, known to unknown, self correcting techniques in the material, not too many not too less and ideas behind small groups. But if I have to choose the most inspiring idea that would be the mixed age group as I had never heard of this wonderful idea before.

The course has evidently made me confident. I was very worried how I would start teaching. Though the course was intensive, it is designed in a way to be very guiding. All the lectures made us wonder and ponder, guided us to read Montessori books and then experience and think around it by ourselves to deepen the understanding of the philosophy. Always thankful to the trainers for their guidance.

Archana Sekar

NMF 15, 3-6 Course, 2018-19

Firstly, I’d like to list some of the qualities I’ve cultivated from the course – Being patient, organized, punctual, developed the ability to listen, respect the needs of children just like how we treat others and many more. This course helped me reinvent a better version of myself.  I understood my own strengths and the rigorous training paved the path towards nurturing my own child. Being a first time mother, I’m able to understand the needs of my child and lead her based on her interests which is the biggest takeaway for me from the course.

It’s really hard to choose one when there are plenty of inspiring ideas! The idea of learning through interaction with the environment inspires me the most. Next comes the idea of a prepared environment where the activities are set up based on the developmental needs of a child. The thought that a child can be understood only when she is observed in her natural environment clearly drew me closer to Montessori’s philosophy.

D Nithya Priya

NMF 15, 3-6 Course, 2018-19

In the year 2019 I thought I was going to gain insight about child psychology. But instead I understood who I am! One should be in an environment with great minds like Supraja, which changes the “idea of life” “what is success?” “what is failure?” and “who and what is important in life?”

The course gave me independence from many personal challenges I had. It changed my life and created a wonderful opportunity to be with children.

Aarthi Karthik

NMF11, 3-6 Course, 2014-15

The training has helped me with deepening my process of self-reflection and has helped me understand my strengths and areas of development. It has also helped me to look at children from the perspective of the work that they do from birth and how it changes over the different planes of life, which is the foundational work for all of humankind and with that understanding has come a deeper sense of respect for the child and all of humanity.

The training and subsequently working with children has helped me identify my calling for life.


NMF 06, 3-6 course, 2010
NMFE03, 6-12 Course 2013

I would rather demarcate my life before training and after training. The training gave me the path, direction and goals in my life. I never thought I would become an entrepreneur. The training gave me that experience, appreciating the tiniest moments, in other words, a complete celebration of life.

K. Sreedevi

NMFE05, 6-12 Course, 2015-17

The idea of cosmic education and the inter-linking of everything in the universe, making us feel responsible and grateful for everything around us was an inspiring idea.

I found the Montessori theory and observation practice as a form of Zen. I learnt the virtue of patience and waiting for things to happen at their time. The experience has made me more grateful, patient and quieter.

Deepika A

NMF11, 3-6 Course, 2014-15

I had a newborn while I was doing the course. This course held the torch for my journey as a parent, a teacher and a human with self reflections and helped to prepare myself. It also brought me close to some very vital relationships in life.  The community that we got built is still supportive and warm to each other, available to hold each other’s back.

Murali Krishnan

NMF E 05, 6-12 Course, 2015-2017

It has helped me to see the world as a different place to live. A beautiful place. An environment that needs to be preserved and shared with future explorers, who are children. I have established a special connection with nature after the course.


NMF12, 3-6 Course, 2015-16

The training helped me to realise the importance of respecting children. It made me pause and appreciate the world around me and it has empowered me to be the kind of parent that I am today.

Initially it was the idea of supporting independence since birth was very inspiring, but the idea of human solidarity through education by supporting the psychological needs of children at every plane of development in a social context intrigues me the most.