An AMI Diploma  will offer you in-depth understanding of child development and the support that needs to be offered to children as they grow.  Both diploma courses (3-6 and 6-12) will help you with a career in education, working with children. As an AMI diploma holder you will be able to find work in a school or start your own. Many alumni keep in touch with us and have opportunities for formal and informal interaction from the training team. The AMI Diploma is a recognised teaching qualification in many countries. View all Courses

You are most welcome to visit Supraja during working hours and meet with our faculty. Do email us in advance and confirm an appointment. We would be happy to show you around and answer your questions. From time to time we have online interactive open meetings on Friday evenings to give interested candidates an opportunity to meet with us. In case you are unable to come in person you are welcome to register for an open meeting. The schedule of open meetings will be listed in the events on our website.

The courses are not recognised by the Government of India. Supraja Montessori Study Centre is affiliated with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) headquartered in Amsterdam. AMI Diplomas are recognised worldwide. In some countries, national, or regional educational authorities may require additional teaching credentials.

AMI Montessori Diploma holders can obtain a Masters in Education (M Ed.) by enrolling in the graduate programme at the University of Hartford, USA. For more details, visit

The course offers an overview of child development from birth till 24 years. Anyone interested in understanding children and finding out more about the Montessori philosophy can apply. Background in early childhood or psychology is not a prerequisite.

Supraja welcomes students from all walks of life. Although we require applicants to the diploma course to be graduates we often consider applicants with life experience.  The certificate courses that we offer are open to all.

An AMI Montessori Primary (3-6) Diploma or an AMI Foundation Course Certificate is mandatory to apply for the AMI Elementary (6-12) Diploma course. Before the Elementary Course begins candidates who do not have an AMI 3-6 Diploma, will have the opportunity to complete the Foundation Course.

The Supraja Montessori Study Centre does not provide hostel facilities but we can refer to hostels which are nearby (within walking distance).  There are local women’s hostels with rooms for sharing and single rooms. These are economical as food is included in the monthly bill. These can vary from Rs. 8500/- to about Rs. 15000/- a month. Please write to us to get the hostel contact details.

Supraja Montessori Study Centre portal does not have a direct online transfer facility.  Once you have filled in the application form, the bank details will be made available to you as a part of the process. Using our bank information you can transfer the fee to us and update the proof of payment in the portal.

AMI Diploma courses will open up many opportunities for jobs in India and abroad. The institute is well connected to the Montessori community. All recruitment requests from schools are made available to students. AMI Certificate courses can open up opportunities to assist in the classroom. Some schools also accept the AMI certificate as a pre-primary qualification. Both the certificate and diploma are internationally recognised.  In some countries you might need to acquire additional qualifications to be eligible to work with children.

We offer the AMI Orientation Certificate courses online. The AMI diploma courses we offer are not online. Although the course is intended for onsite delivery given the current pandemic situation we have done some components online. The students were required to be onsite when possible. Please note that some parts of the training cannot be done online. If a diploma course has to begin online the onsite components have to be completed flexibly when the situation improves. At present we do not conduct weekend classes.  We schedule many events including workshops both online and in person. Do check the schedule on our website regularly for the latest information. View Course

It is advisable to acquire the books both for ready reference and for the future.

The Montessori books are not textbooks but serve as background reading. The books in the required reading list will be used in discussions during the course. Reading them completely or partially will support your learning journey.  We recommend that you begin reading The Child in the Family or Education for a New World.

Many of the required and recommended books are published by Indian Montessori Foundation (IMF). They are available for sale at For the books not published by IMF you can check Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company Also check for kindle editions.