3-6 Training Team

Rukmini Ramachandran

Director of Training: Rukmini Ramachandran

Rukmini Ramachandran, leads the training team at the Navadisha Montessori Foundation. Rukmini holds an AMI Montessori diploma at all the three age levels, 3-6, 6-12 and 0-3 years. She entered the field of Montessori education in 1991 when she trained under Zarin Malva in Mumbai. She has a Masters in English. She came into Montessori education with a background in journalism, having started her career as Assistant Editor of a children’s monthly. She edited the 1939 Montessori lectures in Chennai into a book titled Creative Development in the Child in two volumes. Her most particular interest lies in publishing for children. She currently serves as the Managing Trustee of the Indian Montessori Foundation.

Co-director: Hemalatha Rangarajan

Hemalatha Rangarajan, an AMI trainer, is a key member of the training team. She holds an AMI Montessori diploma at two age levels. She trained at the 3-6 level under Zarin Malva in Chennai in 1995 and then trained under Ann Dunne to receive her 6-12 diploma in 2017. She worked with children for ten years in Patasala Montessori School, where she eventually served as Vice Principal. Hemalatha holds a Masters in Psychology. She is interested in helping teachers and has been involved in mentoring schools. She is committed to widening the scope of Montessori education through research.

Ramya Sridhar

Co-Director: Ramya Sridhar

Ramya Sridhar is an AMI trainer at Navadisha. An alumna of the first course of our institute Ramya now holds an AMI diploma for two age levels. She received the AMI 3-6 diploma in 2005 and the AMI 6-12 diploma in 2017. She has assisted on the courses at Navadisha since 2012. She has served as an examiner and presented talks and workshops. Ramya entered Montessori work as a teacher at Navadisha Montessori School where she began her work in this field. She holds a Masters in Psychology. She takes an interest in the work of several NGOS that serve a range of socio-economic, health and educational schemes. She is also interested in reaching Montessori principles to a wider public.

AMI 3-6 Trainer and Consultant: Ruby Lau

Ruby Lau is an AMI Trainer and educational consultant. Educated from an early age in the UK, Ruby has a degree in Psychology and worked in advertising before taking the AMI 3 – 6 Diploma in London. After gaining her diploma in London in 1985, she worked both in the MMTO school and the training course. She opened her own school in 1990 which she ran for 15 years whilst continuing to work on the training courses. Ruby now holds AMI diplomas at the 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 age levels. She brings her multi-layered experience to mentor and support training staff and students of AMI training institutes and teachers and schools in many parts of South Asia. Ruby has served as a member of the Scientific Pedagogy Group at AMI.

6-12 Training Team

Ann Dunne

AMI 6-12 Trainer and Consultant: Ann Dunne

Ann Dunne is an AMI Trainer and educational consultant for the 6-12 age level. She has worked extensively in Dublin, Ireland, and London, England. She has travelled as an AMI Examiner around the world and brings a wide range of experience to her work, mentoring and supporting training staff, students, and schools. Ann has had over eight years of teaching experience at the 6-12 level before she joined the faculty in the AMI course in Ireland. She worked closely with senior Montessori professionals in Ireland, training many students. She has served both as a member of the Training Group and the Scientific Pedagogy Group at AMI. Ann brings her lively enthusiasm to her work in India, where she has visited often as an examiner, consultant, and speaker.

Prasannalakshmi Srinivasan

Trainer-in-Training: Prasannalakshmi Srinivasan

Prasanna is currently on the AMI Elementary training of trainers programme. An alumna of the first primary and elementary courses in Navadisha, Prasanna holds AMI diplomas in both age levels. She received the AMI 3-6 diploma in 2005 and the AMI 6-12 diploma in 2009. She has been working with children at both levels since then. Prasanna holds Master’s degrees in Education and also in Mass communications and Journalism. She also holds a diploma in Elementary education from NIOS. She takes an interest in story telling and reading stories for children.

Administrative Team

Latha Srikumar

Latha Srikumar

Sripriya Rangarajan

Sripriya Rangarajan

Support Staff