Dr. Arundale published a message sent by Maria Montessori in The Theosophist. Vol. L.X, Part I, Oct 1938- Mar 1939, On the Watch Tower, The Theosophical Publishing House.

The social events of the year should unite us more closely this Christmas than ever before. But it is not music or joy that is in our hearts; we are thinking of other things, of the massacre of the innocents, of the grief and tears of the mothers, of innocent blood spilled in a mad fury of barbarism. It is the flight into Egypt; the children are leaving the fatherland in search of refuge. But, were not such events once closely connected with the birth of the child, the Saviour? This was the child they had all been seeking, but no one had discovered Him: only some humble had seen him. To find this child, even the most powerful in the world had to trust to a star which guided them. So it appears to be happening now. The child is born and we must seek for him: a savior is living among us. In our century, which has been heralded as the century of the child, the adult is swept away and engulfed in his petty or fiendish scheming. Our hope is in the child. When it is realised that the fallen man must seek in the child the help for his salvation, human society will be rebuilt and redeemed.